Hosting a webinar requires either browser-based or dedicated software that enables a presenter to deliver an interactive audio and visual presentation via the Internet. There are many software vendors offering webinar services. These vendors offer a broad range of features and prices. At ProWebinars our research and experience allows us to tailor the most competitive price and service solutions to fit your needs. To maximize the full potential of webinars in your business, we demand only the highest levels of service including:

  • The use of integrated audio and visual presentation.
  • The ability to project the presenters desktop to attendees.
  • Presenter training prior to events.
  • Dry run of events to hone presenter skills.
  • Archiving of events for playback.
  • Attendee pre-registration and screening
  • Full event reporting with attendee numbers and information.
  • Ability to conduct audience polls and questionnaires.
  • Provision of moderators if required to manage question and answers during a presentation.

    While needs differ from organization to organization, at ProWebinars we tailor the webinar solution that fits your needs.

    To request an honest risk-free assessment of the benefits of web conferencing and webinars for your organization call us today (905)-813-1300 or E-mail for a free demonstration.

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