ProWebinars provides professional management solutions to businesses seeking to leverage the internet for web conferencing and webinars. We believe web conferencing is an important tool that can help businesses improve their bottom line by increasing efficiency and productivity while improving customer satisfaction. Effective web conferencing whether in marketing, sales or education areas can also go a long way in reducing travel costs for any organization.

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Webinars - definition

A webinar is a seminar which is conducted over the internet. It is a type of web conferencing. In contrast to a Webcast, which is transmission of information in one direction only, a webinar is designed to be interactive between the presenter and audience. A webinar is 'live' in the sense that information is conveyed according to an agenda, with a starting and ending time.

Widespread deployment of broadband internet means the presenter can both demonstrate and speak through the internet, pointing out information being presented on screen, and the audience can respond through a built-in chat interface. The word 'webinar' is an example of Portmanteau, combining web and seminar.

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